Mini Music Kids by Stanley Mouse

Mini Music Class Policies

  1. Refund Policy – Full payment is due at the time of registration. If you cancel prior to two weeks before your first class a full refund will be issued. If you cancel after two weeks prior to your first class, a cancellation fee of $20 will be taken out of your refund. There are NO refunds after the first class but make-up classes can be arranged upon availability.
  2. Due to Covid or Smokey Air - Classes may be moved online at any time. No refunds will be given for classes moved online. If a class is canceled completely (with no online alternative) for any reason, an additional week will be added to the session.
  3. Sibling Drop Ins – if you have another child (sibling) that is not registered but needs to come on occasion there is a sibling drop-in fee based on your location (see Welcome email). Email request is not necessary. Sibling Drop-Ins cannot be exchanged for Make-Up Classes.
  4. Make-Up Classes – Each family is allowed two make-up classes per session. Make-ups do not extend into subsequent sessions. To make up a class go to the Make-Up Calendar page on this website to sign-up for the class you would like to attend.
  5. For Sebastopol Classes Only - Please limit adults attending to one per child, whenever possible. If two grandparents or parents typically bring a child an exception can be made - just check with us at the beginning of the session. Occasional drop-ins of a grandparent or additional parent are okay but please try to be mindful that the room is not huge and we want to have enough space for movement and comfort. Thank you.
  6. IN CLASS:
    1. Please refrain from bringing food to class - we need to keep all crumbs out of the room with so many food allergies to be mindful of.
    2. Please refrain from any parent chatter - talking in class is disruptive to the children, the other parents and the teacher.
    3. Children are free to move around the room and do not need to sit still though we do ask that you try to keep the running at a minimum.
    4. Participate!
    5. Have fun!
    6. Please be on time.
  7. AT HOME:
    1. Please make a copy of your CD or download it onto your computer upon receipt in case CD is lost or damaged.
    2. If you are going to send a grandparent or a nanny to class with your child please make a copy of the CD for them so that they become familiar with the music.
    3. Lyrics to all songs are available upon request.